Shoulder of stuffed lamb with green pepper mustard


Cook the rice and drain.
Finely chop the figs, the apricots and the walnuts.
Crush the coriander.
Mix 50g of butter with the mustard.
Heat the rest of the butter in a casserole.
Sweat the chopped onion.
Add the chopped fruit, the coriander and the rice.
Add salt, pepper and mix well.
Season the shoulder of lamb.
Stuff it with the rice stuffing.
Tie up.
Coat with the butter and mustard mixture.
Put into the casserole.
Cook in the oven (200°C, th 6-7) for about an hour, wetting often.

For 4 people


- 50 g of rice
- 4 dried figs
- 6 dried apricots
- 50 g of half shelled walnuts
- 12 coriander grains
- 80 g of butter
- 2 soup spoonfuls of green pepper mustard
- 1 onion
- 1 boned shoulder of lamb
- salt, pepper