Dijon Mustard

The Beaufor Dijon mustard is of course a great classic in French cooking! Characterized by its very high mustard seed content, this mustard assures a powerful and hot taste. It can be widely used and is particularly adapted to different warm uses. It blends with all your dishes: meat, fish, vegetables, seafood salads and sauces ...

Extra strong Dijon Mustard

New packaging in Beaufor’s range. More practical, easier to handle, cleaner. Ideal for sandwiches, and fast food.

Green Peppercorn Mustard

The use of green peppercorns in this mustard guarantees an authentic taste and an unique hot flavour. The green peppercorn mustard is ideal with red meats.

Honey Mustard

Acid and sweet, its bouquet and its silky texture are very characteristic. Its originality takes after the nobility of its ingredients, especially honey. Its use may be standarded for all seasonings, mainly in accompaniement with meat and for all sorts of vinaigrettes.

Hot English Mustard

Original recipe mixing the traditionnal mustard’s hotness and Cayenne’s hot pepper. Can be used to spice up your meat or your fish, but can also be used to add spice to your exotic dishes.

Provence Herbs Mustard

This mustard releases the powerful fragrances and natural flavours of thyme, basil, marjoram and rosemary, calling up the sweetness of Provence. Used to accompany meats and grills but also in seasoning for Southern salads.

Red Grape Mustard

Spices fragnance, red fruits and sweet flavours,this how we could describe this original and coloured product. A mustard appreciated by the chefs who care about quality products. It is used with whim in vinaigrette or mayonnaise. This mustard ideally accompanies white meats, game, duck steaklet and can also be used as a confit with foie gras.

Tarragon Mustard

This mustard stands out by a strict and exclusive use of tarragon leaves, which gives to this mustard a suave, delicate and natural taste. The Tarragon mustard enhances the flavours in mushroom dishes, and can be used in vinaigrette and also in a famous French dish : chicken with tarragon.

Tomato Mustard

On a Reims’ base, the tomato freshness gives a kind of softness which makes all the mustard’s originality. Perfect with salad sauces, seasonnings, and even sandwiches.

Walnut Mustard

The alliance of mustard and walnut paste can be used to season your salad sauces and mixed salads of gizzards, foie gras or even chicory salads.

Whole Grain Reims Mustard

Great standard which can not be ignored just as Dijon’s mustard. Refined mustard with a rustic and regional character due to a very high content in mustard seeds, which brings strength to the taste and the hotness, and also due to its unique ingredients such as Reims’ Champagne Vinegar. The Reims Champagne Mustard goes naturally with red meats or cooked pork meats, charcuterie, and is also used for warm sauces.

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