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GOURMET SELECTION 23-24 September 2013 Paris

7 December 2012

Come and see us during The Gourmet Selection exhibition at Paris on 23-24 September 2013 on our booth n°5A 020 to discover our new products.

SIAL PARIS 21-25 October 2012

7 August 2012

Come and see us during SIAL Paris 2012 on our booth n°5A G168 to discover our new products.

February-April Trade Shows

19 January 2012

Come see us at our latest Trade Shows

Trade Show Gulfood in Dubaï 19-22 February 2012, Booth n° MH-36

Private Label MDD Expo 3-4 April 2012 Paris, Porte de Versailles Booth H81

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Vinegars, from test tubes to cooking

13 January 2012

Another book dedicated to vinegar?

Well okay but, what else...

Several things, fisrt of all Fabrice Wehrung gave us his secrets. He is one of the only Vinegar Oenologist in France. For several years now, he’s been thinking of ways to improve the process of vinegar making, by improving and rediscovering reciepes. The book also discretly praises the vinegars from Rheims, « the second capital of Vinegar ». Charbonneaux-Brabant founded in 1797, inherited the traditionnal way of making vinegar and mustard and does so with passion and craftmanship of the Great Chefs.

The other reason that makes this book different from all the others is the fact that Nine of the most famous Chefs in France accepted to be part of the adventure. They tell us about their passion and pleasure cooking with vinegar and how they constantly rediscover the product..

Catherine Coutant and Francois Schmidt, through Effervescence editions continue to pursue traditional gastronomic products and innovate them in the most original ways. The book is sponsored by the firms Charbonneaux-Brabant and SAS SOFRALAB.

The book is divided in two major parts: The first part is all about technicity, never has any book on vinegar gone so far in presenting the different technics and process to making vinegar. From bacterias to chemestry, from fabric methods to the role of the Vinegars, nothing is set aside. As for the second part, nine Chefs share their passion for cooking their favorite vinegars. Indeed since vinegar has now taken an important place in french gastronomy, we asked these Chefs about « their vinegar », originated frome red wine, cider, white wine, rice, or alchol. It seems indeed that, with the birth of new cooking technics, the french gastronomy has been revolutionized, and that vinegar, from Rheims or elsewhere, has found an important place in this fresh start brought by Paul Bocuse and his friends. Thanks to these testimony full of life, experiences and flavors, we will be able to acknowledge the fact that vinegar doesn’t simply assist cooking: it reinvents it, changes it... These stories are love stories, a love for vinegar, sweet and salty, subtil pleasure once lost but now found. This slightly acid book gives us the keys to discover, understand, use vinegar.

The Chefs: nine creative chefs accepted to offer their vision on vinegar: Arnaud Lallement, Pascal Tingaud, Thierry Voisin, Bruno Herbin, Fabrice Maillot, Grégory Jolard, Philippe Mille, Thierry Landragin, the Vogt family. You will find in this book their receipes and adventures with vinegar.

Christmas Village - Reims - 25 November - 31 December 2011

10 November 2011

Clovis, the Christmas spirit!

Again this year, Clovis will be present at the Christmas Village In Reims, Place d’Erlon from November 25 to December 31, 2011. This is the opportunity to discover our new products, our special christmas gifts, but also our cooking tips.

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