Balsamic Glaze

Balsamic Glaze is a unique product destined to all sorts of Chefs, who combine the balsamic vinegar taste to a dense and ideal homogeneous consistency for decoration and garnish of the most refined meals.

Beaufor Almond Oil

The flavour of almond oil is very delicate. A light amber colour, it is recommended for St Jacques scallop or prawn salads, and also for seasoning avocado. It can be used for cooking, especially for fish.

Beaufor Hazelnut Oil

The Beaufor hazelnut oil respects the traditional method that guarantees its taste of hazelnuts, that are so aromatic. This oil is particularly suitable for seasonings and cold sauces, and wonderfully accompanies gizzard salads, or duck and goose conserves.

Beaufor Walnut Oil

Walnut oil is a great French tradition in the oil’s field. The Clovis walnut oil is the result of a traditional and ancestral method, whose respect is necessary for the authenticity of its particular taste. Its flavour is sweet and delicate. It is recommended for the green salad’s sauce, chicory salads, lettuce, or even walnut and apple composed salads.


Crunchy, extra-fine and true green are the main qualities of French gherkins. Preserved in a vinegar juice, tarragon, white pickled onions, mustard seeds and coriander, the sharpness of the gherkins becomes very delicate.

Red Grape Oil

Oil with a discrete taste, which, when used in salads, doesn’t hide the taste of the salad,, tomotoes, or any composed salad’s ingredient.

White Balsamic Condiment

Italian vinegar, which is manufactured with red grape and fermentations. Ideal not to colour vinaigrettes and food.

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