Early roasted potatoes with Clovis Reims whole grain mustard

Realized by Cricri Les Petites Douceurs : http://cricrilespetitesdouceurs.com/

Preheat the oven at 200°.

In a large salad bowl, mix all the ingredients (except the potatoes). Wash and dry the early potatoes.

Add them in the salad bowl with the mustard sauce and well stir to coat them.

Place them on a baking sheet covered by grease-proof paper. Cook in the oven during 20 minutes.

Ideal to accompany grilled meats.

Cricri Les Petites Docueurs


- 1 kg of early potatoes
- 2 large soup spoon of Clovis Reims whole grain mustard
- 1 soup spoon of olive oil
- 2 tea spoon Provence herbs
- 1 soup spoon of Worcestershire sauce
- Sea salt / Fleur de sel
- Pepper