Saddle of rabbit stuffed with tarragon mustard sauce, red pepper grout and Reims Vinegar Clovis

Prepare the saddle: Bone the saddle of rabbit, Make a stuffing with the chicken stock and cream, mix and season. Add 1 pepper cut into small cubes and cook in olive oil. Stuff the saddle with the mixture, roll in the strainer. Bake at 180 ° C for 15 minutes, brush with tarragon mustard and bake for 15 new minutes.

For the sauce: Crush the bones and brown in the oven. Cut the carrots and onion coarsely, fry in olive oil, add the caramelized bone, mustard and tarragon and pour white wine, and reduce. Add water to cover and reduce. Skip to the Chinese and add a few pieces of butter.

For the sauce: Peel red pepper, cook the chopped shallot and pepper cubes in olive oil, add the Reims vinegar, reduce the butter mix and edit

4 persons


- 2 Saddle of rabbit
- 1 chicken breast (150g)
- 200 g strainer
- 10cl of cream
- 50g + 20g (grout) butter
- Salt and Espelette pepper
- 1 small jar of mustard and tarragon Clovis
- 2 carrots
- 1 large onion
- 10cl of Reims Vinegar Clovis
- 2 red peppers
- 1 shallot