Tiramisu with red berries and vinegar of Raspberry Clovis

Realized by Cricri Les Petites Douceurs

To start, put 2 ripe strawberries aside, 4 blackberries and 4 raspberries to decorate the tiramisu. In a small pan, cook over a low heat during 15 minutes strawberries cuttes in pieces, raspberries with the icing sugar and Clovis raspberry vinegar to obtain a nice stewed fruit. Filter this stewed fruit to separate juice and cooked fruits. Reserve and cool to room temperature.

Separate eggs whites from yolks. Whisk the egg whites until they form peaks

Whisk together mascarpone, caster sugar, eggs yolks and vanilla seeds which have been taken from half a pod.

Incorporate gently the egg whites in the mixture of mascarpone. In each glass cup, place 1 biscuit, top with 1 tablespoon of strawberry juice and cover delicately with cream in the mascarpone. Continue, alternating 1 biscuit, stewed red berries, a little strawberry juice, 2 blackberries and 2 fresh raspberries and finish by the cream.

Refrigerate for 2 hours.

When ready to serve, decorate the tiramisu with 1 raspberry, 1 blackberry, half strawberry, and mint leaves.

Cricri Les Petites Douceurs


- 300 g of strawberries
- 100 g of raspberries
- 100 g of blackberries
- 2 tablespoon of Clovis raspberry vinegar
- 2 tablespoon of icing sugar
- 250 g of mascarpone
- 2 eggs
- 8 sponges fingers
- 50 g of caster sugar
- ½ vanilla pod
- Some mint leaves for decoration