The company

A family culture
from Reims

When it was created in 1797, Charbonneaux used to make soap, before gradually shifting towards the denaturation of alcohol.

In the 1950’s, after six generations have succeeded one another, the company provided alcohol to the vinegar-makers.

In 1962, Maurice Brabant, an alcohol distiller, took ownership of the company. This is how the actual Charbonneaux-Brabant company was founded: the one and only family industry that guarantees the mustard and vinegar expertise of the Champagne region.

Grands Crus

Charbonneaux Brabant has developed its expertise in 7 production sites in France and 2 in Italy. The company is present on the main distribution channels, BtoB, mass distribution, hotel, catering, but also in more than 80 countries, all over the world.

Sustainable development is at the centre of attention of the company and we strive to promote a constant politic of improvement as well as a respectful behaviour towards the human person and the planet.

Range of products

our products

Reims vinegar 6 years of age A tasty and organic range Authentic flavours Clovis Giovanna Pavarotti


Reims vinegar 6 years of age

This Reims vinegar is produced in the finest vinegar tradition of Champagne, from Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Pinot Meunier grape varieties, agged in oak barrel for 6 years.

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La Cuisine d’Autrefois

A tasty and organic range

All the products are produced from the finest organic ingredients, rigorously selected by us. To choose La Cuisine d’Autrefois is to choose healthy and natural products, for a tasty cuisine full of traditional flavours.

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Authentic flavours

Between tradition and innovation, there is only one step. The Beaufor products are the ally of great chefs and ensure a unique gastronomic experience to all the fine gourmets. To meet all the needs, Beaufor offers its unfiltered and organic cider vinegar, an innovative and healthy product, definitely authentic.

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Reims Mustard in its traditional sandstone jar


The iconic Clovis mustards are reinvented in a new traditional sandstone jar, for an elegant tasting!
These mustards are now part of the regional gastronomic heritage and have become essential in the kitchen: they are enjoyed naturally with red meats or charcuterie, are used spice a sauce up, making tasty salad dressings...

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Italian expertise

Giovanna Pavarotti

The balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP Giovanna Pavarotti is produced without the addition of caramel, allowing it to reveal its natural syrupy texture and its authentic dark brown color. The intensity of the fruity aromas and the generosity of the flavors it offers comes from the sweetness of the Italian grape varieties, but also from the acidity of the wine vinegar. A combination that promises a sweet and sour taste as balanced as it is gourmet.

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