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Beaufor has perpetuated Champagne region’s long tradition of producing quality vinegar and mustard… Find out more


Clovis in the only family industry to guarantee the mustard and vinegar knowhow of Champagne. Inheritors of manufacture’s secrets, the brand offers products with unique and varied flavours, thanks to the excellence of Champagne vineyards. (...) Find out more


Percheron’s range of products have been developed respecting the traditions of French gastronomy. The prestigious range will seduce the most demanding gourmets thanks to exceptional flavours, indispensable for a refined cuisine. The great (...) Find out more


Innovation and respect of French gastronomy traditions: these have been and always are the two guiding principles of Delouis. To carry them out, Delouis has its own Research and Development laboratory and benefit from the experience of great (...) Find out more

La Cuisine d’Autrefois

La Cuisine d’Autrefois is a range of healthy and organic products developed with innovative recipes that will bring authentic and tasty flavours to all your meals! Our products are manufactured from organic ingredients, thoroughly selected by (...) Find out more

Antichi Colli

Antichi Colli is redolent with the Italian landscape, its roots and the harmony between man and nature contained in its most precious products The company is taking its consumers on a journey into the evocative realm of Italian food. Antichi (...) Find out more

Giovanna Pavarotti

Protected by a PGI, balsamic vinegar of Modena is popular all over the world. Balsamic vinegar originates in Emilia Romagna and, more specifically, in the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Known all over the world, balsamic vinegar is a (...) Find out more


The founding of Caroff vinegar factory dates back to 1952. Gilbert Caroff created his business in Chantenay neighbourhood, in Nantes city center and first called it the vinegar factory of Bretagne. Today, the company is the last food industry (...) Find out more


Piccalilli mustard sauce is a traditional sauce from Northern France, Belgium and the Netherlands. It is part of the family’s history and culinary traditions. The piccalilli sauce is a perfect accompaniment to the famous French fries and (...) Find out more