A brand rooted in the history of Nantes

The vinegar factory from Bretagne

Heritage of the Pays de la Loire

The founding of Caroff vinegar factory dates back to 1952. Gilbert Caroff created his business in Chantenay neighbourhood, in Nantes city center and first called it the vinegar factory of Bretagne. Today, the company is the last food industry still active in the Bas-Chantenay.

In 1971, the company changed its name and became the Compagnie Française de Condiments, and then eventually became Caroff Frères et Cie in 1983.
The business activity consists in manufacturing and conditioning white wine, red wine, cider and beetroot alcohol vinegar. The wine comes from different regions: Nantes, Bordeaux, Angers and Tours, and the cider from Bretagne and Normandie.
Caroff is a historic range of products, essentially made for mass distribution.

The products

Well-known for its beneficial effects on health, cider vinegar is also a great ally in the kitchen. You can use it to prepare vinaigrettes, to deglaze meat, to enhance fish flavour, to preserve the vegetables’ colours and so much more!

Red wine vinegar is also ideal to deglaze red meat. As for the raspberry vinegar, it is perfect to season a vegetable salad and the shallot one will be perfect with seafood!

The PET range certified "Produit en Bretagne"

In May 2023, our vinegar company Caroff officially joined the "Produit en Bretagne" association. "Produit en Bretagne" is the Breton network that carries a collective brand committed to the vitality of the Breton territory. It consists of 495 companies from various industries that are committed to the development of employment and skills in the 5 Breton departments.

For Caroff, joining this association is a way to sustainably uphold our commitments towards responsible Breton purchasing and our economic and cultural dynamism.