Expert of two phase vinaigrettes


Creator of excellence

Innovation and respect of French gastronomy traditions: these have been and always are the two guiding principles of Delouis. To carry them out, Delouis has its own Research and Development laboratory and benefit from the experience of great chefs. True to its principle “quality with organic products”, Delouis takes part to the “Quality and Environment” most stringent processes. The brand offers certified organic products that meet the standards of the profession: 80% of the products have no additive, no preservative, and no tickener.

Vinaigrette just like at home

A take-away speciality

Each brand has its own speciality. At Delouis, the salad dressings and sauces aficionados are pleased! Inspired by great chefs’ recipes to develop its own, Delouis offers products with impeccable and rich flavours.
The speciality? The authenticity of a homemade vinaigrette, full of flavours. Thanks to its patented shaker bottle, you can use this vinaigrette at home or at work !

The products

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