The organic expertise

A genuine organic culture

Respect of the environment
and the consumers

La Cuisine d’Autrefois is a range of healthy and organic products developed with innovative recipes that will bring authentic and tasty flavours to all your meals! Our products are manufactured from organic ingredients, thoroughly selected by our care.

It is Marcel Recorbet who laid the foundation of the company La Cuisine d’Autrefois. Visionary, he is convinced very early that organic products are the future of society. Determined and motivated by his beliefs and his concerns for the environmental protection, he thus led the company to manufacture products from organic farming as early as 1991.

Today more than ever, the company is very committed and interested in changes in consumption and provides innovative products that meet the consumers’ needs. Two essential and indivisible elements are to be taken into account: healthy and natural products, allied to the gourmet pleasure of an authentic cuisine full of flavours.

For two decades, the company has never ceased to stand up for a proactive approach regarding Research and Development from local suppliers of raw materials and never ceased to innovate in product development while taking into consideration a strong ecological sensitivity and responsibility.

True alternative to mayonnaise

When innovation
rhymes with tasty

Developed with pea protein from organic farming, the vegan sauce is lighter, healthier but as creamy and tasty than classic mayonnaise. A new alternative that will seduce the aficionados as well as the curious neophytes!

Website La Cuisine d’Autrefois

La Cuisine d’Autrefois offers a wide range of Vinegars, Mustards and cold Sauces. You can discover all the products and a selection of organic and vegan recipes, such as the Vegan Burger with vegan mayonnaise, on the website !