Family and History

the power of time

When it was created in 1797, the industry Charbonneaux used to make soap, before gradually shifting towards the denaturation of alcohol.

Its activity has grown through time, under the influence of Charbonneaux’s family and the help of the six generations that have succeeded one another, from 1797 to 1962.

Since 1962, Charbonneaux is part of the family group Brabant, major actor in the alcohol distillation sector.

In 1966, after the redemption of the Gouthière Detré society, manufacturer of vinegar and mustard, Charbonneaux-Brabant developed an agro-alimentary industry, which occupies a significant role on the market in France as well as abroad.

Right from the fusion, Charbonneaux-Brabant has become the one and only industry to guarantee the expertise of Champagne vinegar. In 1975, with the redemption of the well-known Maison Florida in Magenta, the industry from Reims continued its expansion, defending and perpetuating the regional tradition of mustard.

Since then, Charbonneaux-Brabant is pursuing its growth and contributes to maintaining French expertise by helping food companies all over France. Eager to preserve the art of local traditions and French products, Charbonneaux-Brabant also knows how to take into account the consumers’ needs in constant evolution, and therein lies the strength of this versatile and innovative industry.

Today, Charbonneaux-Brabant is a genuine ambassador of French gastronomy and exports its products in more than 80 countries.