Values and commitments

Rigour, authenticity and quality.

Rigour, authenticity and quality

Our values

  • Customer satisfaction : an inherent value that guides us in our daily operations
  • Family culture : a value that we need to preserve
  • Experience : a value we share, along with a willingness to continuously challenge ourselves.
  • Trust : a value that motivates and drives performance among our employees

Our commitment

Charbonneaux-Brabant is dedicated to promoting sustainable development and a policy of continuous improvement. This commitment involves balancing environmental preservation, protection, and enhancement with internal and local economic development. We support social progress, recognition of social and societal interests, adherence to international behavioral standards, and respect for human rights through our IFS and BRC certifications, as well as the PME+ label.


This label signifies the FEEF’s (Federation of Enterprises and Entrepreneurs of France) ongoing commitment regarding the reclamation of the SME roles in the national economy, through the improvement of their relationships with the mass distribution and the promotion of their brands and products towards the consumers.
This is not a new product label but a corporate label. The PME + label recognizes and values an eco-responsible entrepreneurial approach, which in turn leads to the development of a socially responsible business.

ISO 14 001

The ISO 14001 standard is part of a family of standards (ISO 14000) designed to promote and guide an environmental management approach. It is applicable to any type of organization (business, association, public service, etc.) that is committed to implementing a system of production, management, and operations that integrates a dynamic perspective of environmental impact control.


The IFS and BRC certifications are two standards audit, put in place by the mass distribution to manage the delegation of their suppliers’ audits to third party organization in order to ensure the safety of food and supervise the product manufacturers’ quality level for the private label and/or best price products.

The IFS and BRC certifications were created to:

  • Provide healthy products to consumers
  • Ensure food safety to the retailer
  • Meet the requirements of the Community legislation regarding hygiene.

AB et Eurofeuille

The Organic Farming (AB) and Organic Farming Europe certifications refer to all the products that are from French (for the AB certification) and European (for the Organic farming Europe label) organic agriculture. The AB label was established first in 1985, while the European organic label was introduced in 2009. Since the implementation of the European label, the AB label’s criteria have been aligned with the European model to simplify regulations and provide better guidance to consumers.

Both the AB and Euroleaf certifications ensure that at least 95% of the product’s components come from organic farming that complies with European Union regulations. They guarantee that the production methods are environmentally friendly, promote biodiversity and animal welfare, and prohibit the use of synthetic chemicals and GMOs (with accidental traces of GMOs tolerated up to 0.9%). Additionally, these certifications certify that the product comes directly from the producing farmer and is packaged in a sealed package.